National Official Institutions

Other Institutions

Spanish Data Protection Agency
Tax Authority
Spanish National Library
Official Spanish Gazette
European Documentation Centre

General Bar Council
General Council of Procurators
General Council of Notaries Public
General Council of the Spanish Judiciary
Council of State
Official Journal of the European Union
Directorate General of Traffic
Certifying Entity of Public Administrations
Spain in the United Nations
FOffice of the State Public Prosecutor
Spanish Ombudsman
Public Bankruptcy Records
Spanish R&D Network (Iris Network)
Property and Companies Registries
Representation in Spain of the European Commission
Spanish Agency of International Cooperation
Spanish Data Protection Agency
Official Bulletins of the Autonomous Communities (BOE)
Association of Registrars
Court for the Defence of Competition
General Spanish Bar Council
RRoyal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation
Judges for Democracy
Legislation by Subject: administració
Spanish Administration
Bank of Spain
Centre for Political and Constitutional Studies
Centre for Sociological Research
Commission for Studying the Development of the Information Society
Commission for the Telecommunications Market
National Commission for Safety and Health at Work
Spanish Securities and Investments Board (CNMV)
Economic and Social Council
General Bar Council
Scientific Research Council (CSIC)
Insurance Compensation Fund
Government Delegation for Immigration
Directorate General of Registries and Notaries Public Public Entity
FSpanish Mint and Stamp Factory
Salary Guarantee Fund
Ministry of Justice Proceedings Guide
Institute of Fiscal Studies
Women’s Institute
Spanish Department of Migrations and Social Services
Spanish Department of Consumption
Spanish Department of Employment (INEM)
Spanish Statistical Office (INE)
Spanish Department of Safety and Health at Work
Friendly Society for the Legal Profession
National Heritage
Secretary of State’s Office of Budgets and Expenditure
Secretary of State’s Office for Social Security
Public Treasury Public

Executive Power
The Crown – Royal Household of HM the King
Ministry of Public Administrations
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Science and Technology
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Economy
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Development
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of the Environment
Ministry of the Presidency
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Employment and Social Security
Government Spokesperson

General Council of the Judiciary
Courts and Tribunals
Constitutional Tribunal
Court of Auditors
Court for the Defence of Competition
High Court

Legislative Powero
Lower House of the Spanish Parliament
Spanish Senate