The Firm

The firm was founded in 1995 by Luis Hidalgo Martín, using the experience and knowledge he had acquired over more than thirteen years in the legal sector, with an emphasis on the commercial, criminal and tax areas, which led him to specialise in Bankruptcy Law (insolvency proceedings derived from businesses’ financial difficulties, such as suspension of payments and bankruptcy) and Criminal Law.

This does not mean that the civil area, which is the complement to all the other areas of law the legislator has not been involved in due to their speciality, has been overlooked, leaving room for the application of common law (ius commune). The latter is an area in which the founder has represented his clients’ interests since the firm was created, amounting to approximately half of a total of over one thousand proceedings he has conducted with the support of a team of qualified and multidisciplinary professionals, trained in prestigious companies and law practices, and an infrastructure in keeping with current requirements. As a result, the firm is in a position to offer both advice on specific matters and a comprehensive legal service, so that we can find legal solutions to the problems we are entrusted with, even if they turn out to be extremely complex. We adopt the broadest of perspectives possible to find the most viable means of reaching a positive and technically legal outcome to the case.