Areas of Action


The firm represents its clients’ interests in criminal cases, with special attention paid to criminal offences connected with economic concerns. We formalise the defence and accusation with claim for implicit public liability, acting in all types of trials, whether they are for summary or criminal offences, with any kind of proceedings, with representation in all types of criminal offences, which include, among others:

Company offences and unfair administration

Bankruptcy offences and punishable insolvencies

Social and labour risk offences

Economic offences in the broadest sense of the term (fraud, misappropriation, false documents, etc.)

Offences against the Tax Authority and Social Security

Urban and environmental offences

Offences against industrial and intellectual property

Offences of discovery and disclosure of company secrets

Offences of coercion and false accusation. Offences against a good business reputation.

Sexual harassment offences at the workplace

Information technology offences

As well as offences in the area of Correctional Law.