Areas of Action


The firm advises and represents its clients in any type of civil legal business or civil legal matter in the following areas:

Family Law: separations, divorces and community property settlements, financial provisions and maintenance, modification of matrimonial agreements, civil or church annulments of marriage, people’s marital status, incapacity proceedings with appointment of guardians, judicial authorisations, filiations and adoptions, paternal/filial relationships, filiation actions, etc. Church annulments of marriage based on all kinds of reasons: impediments, defects of consent (due to incapacity, simulation, lack of knowledge, error, etc.), church dissolution of the marriage bond, acting, if necessary, before the Ecclesiastical Courts in Spain and before the Spanish Rota. Law for de facto couples, “more uxorio” cohabitation or common-law marriages.

Public Liability: liability under contract and tort, derived from traffic accidents, negligence in professionals’ actions, specialization in medical negligence and accidents in general, etc.

Leases: these can be urban or country, formalising evictions for non-payment, occupancy without a lease, breach of contract, etc.

Registered Property: formalising ownership proceedings for first entry in the Land Registry of urban and country property, resuming the chain of title and rectification of the registered area of property, actions to settle boundaries and actions for recovery of possession of country property and land management proceedings.

Inheritance Law: formalising the determination of inheritors, valuations and settlements, wills, determination of inheritors in an intestate proceeding, acting as executors / accountants / auditors in all types of inheritances and defending our clients’ inheritance interests vis-à-vis other inheritors and beneficiaries, both in and out of court, probate proceedings, integrated advisory services on the transfer of the estate after death.

Obligatory and Contract Law: loans, advisory services on any matter that involves civil obligations for the client, negotiating on behalf of our clients, defending their interests and drawing up all kinds of private contracts, as well as supervision in connection with leases, sales of property, donations and, in general, any agreement. At all times we recommend that our clients should seek advice prior to signing agreements so as to avoid controversies, lawsuits or unnecessary jurisdictional proceedings. Formalising the drawing up of all types of contracts, sales, leases, guarantees, provision or leasing of services, acknowledgements of debts and debt claims, Associations and Foundations (constitution, modification, dissolution and winding-up. Assistance and writing of minutes), etc.

Horizontal Property: claims against defaulting co-owners, contesting agreements adopted by the community of property owners, claims derived from illegal or unagreed building work or alterations of common elements.

Bankruptcy Law: bankruptcies, meeting of creditors, reduction in the debt amount or an extension of time for payment, settlements and out-of-court negotiations, restructuring of companies in financial difficulty, suspension of payments and other bankruptcy processes.

Company Law: complete advisory services for all types of companies and associations, whether Spanish or foreign, company structure strategies, company constitution, economic interest groups, temporary joint ventures, monitoring corporate life, attending General Meetings and writing minutes, mergers, demergers, acquisitions, creating companies with tax advantages on the Canary Islands and in tax havens. Participating as non-board member company secretaries and lawyers, advisers, family protocol and company succession.

Commercial Contracts: national and international contracts, drawing up all kinds of contracts, sales contracts, transport, commission and insurance contracts, bank contracts, mortgages, joint ventures, franchises, distribution, agency, service agency, construction, supplies, industry leases and foreign investments. Protocols for family-run companies.

Transport, Insurance and Foreign Trade Law: customs, international transport, imports and exports, international expansion of the company, international arbitration.

Actions In and Out of Court.

Law of Exchange and Mortgage: embargoes, claims for non-payment (invoices, bills of exchange, cheques and promissory notes), action of foreclosure and pledging.

Intellectual and Industrial Property: patents, brands, music publishing, publicity creation (comprehensive advisory services in implementation + project development and promotions).


Competition Law

Publicity and Consumption Law

Law of Financial Markets

Real Estate, Building and Engineering Law